Robot Arm

It moves freely according to individual physical condition and
folded when not in use to maximize space utilization.

Various Monitors (Max. 4)All monitors of VESA international standard can be installed.
*Wide monitors and dual monitors can be installed (option)

3 Axis multi-angle
robot joint control system
AI (Artificial Intelligence) angle adjustment system
that moves according to the angle of the chair.

Keyboard desk angle adjustmentImprove wrist tunnel syndrome with
free desk angle adjustment.

Precision linear motorAdopting an electric linear motor with
precise position control.

Linear motor storage designFolded when not in use to provide space utilization.

Memory RemoteUser-friendly angle adjustment and
memory setting up to 4 people.

※ Safety function: Emergency stop can be applied while robodesk is in operation using AI motion tracking automatic stop function

Massage Chair

Using advanced health care technology along with solid design and excellent material,
comparable to other famous brands.

12 different mode for
all types of user’s